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     There was a nice funny story about two kids I wish I could write; however, the story of the kids I am about to write is far from nice and funny. The Wilt brothers were all alone in this world after their parents were murdered on the street, right behind the theatre. James Wilt, the older brother was only sixteen years old and William Wilt was fourteen.  Nonetheless, the Wilt brothers were always together trying to survive in a cold world filled with hypocrite people and liars. They lived too long in that world, and sadly no one can live long enough without being tainted. The Wilt brothers were not the exception.

     -Will, come fast the daughter is coming out.
     -Why would she come out?
     -Because, she is bored of that atrocious place, anyone would come out.
     -She is out here, walking slowly, breathing with calm and ease, as if the world was a nice tranquil place where nothing wrong could happen, yet she looks strong and powerful among the people. The day is beautiful, and so is she. Alone, she walks on the streets, ready to become one more of us.
     -Stop being so negative.
     -Stop being so naïve James.
     Leila Malabar was the only daughter of King Maurice, she lived locked inside the walls of the palace, it was a blessing to live in such a wonderful place, yet it was a curse to never know anything real in this world. As she walked thought the streets William Kept a close stare at her, her movements and the slight imperfections on her.
     William, on the inside, felt as if he was in love with her; on the other hand, he also said it was nothing but a lie.
     -I will come back in a few hours James, go back to the roof if you want so.
     -Where are you going Will?
     -I am going to wander around for a bit.
     William left James behind maybe too fast.
     As William was running towards Leila someone suddenly stopped him, a man dressed in white with a black mask.
     -William Wilt, stop.
     -What? Who are you?
     -I am who I am, and you are who you are, nothing more.
     -Move. –William then tried to go around the man.
     -William Wilt, if you go with her she will die, for I am death.
     -Stop bothering.
     -Misfortune has always been with you, that is why I took your parents from your side, and your brother James will not be much longer with you.
     -Leave me alone.
     -William Wilt, listen, if you go with Leila Malabar she will die, I will go with you and tale her from your side right in front of your eyes.
     -Move, leave me alone.
     -As you will William Wilt.
     And so, William continued his way following Leila’s invisible steps through the small city; finally, he arrived to the market.
     Countless people at the market, there were people yelling the prices of the fish, others process of vegetables and fruits, the lesser ones were shouting prices of meat and one or two novices shouting random prices of things they were selling. Citizens walking around carrying bags or boxes, fighting for the last piece of whatever they wanted, taking care of their children, or just ignoring their children in hope they will suddenly vanish amongst the people. Children playing, running, walking, sleeping, and stealing. A small girl looking at a lonely dog, and the dog looking at the lonely chicken on top of the table, both thinking about what to do next.  At the very last moment William barely caught a glimpse at Leila’s wonderful body. He tried to run towards her, but he lost sight of her easily.
     An unexpected yell for help and the unwanted questions and assumptions from people took over the place. William heard someone saying that a lady just fell down and hit her head in a rock.
     A familiar voice.
     -I told you so.
The sound of a clapping hand.
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marlafaye Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009
O_O beautifully written.
Veyl Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Why thank you!
I am trying a new style. :3
Leah522 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! This sounds like a fairytale!
Very good job :thumbsup:
Veyl Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Although fairy tales usually have happy endings... Anyways, thanks. <3
Leah522 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha yeah it was kind of a horror fairytale! But it was nice anyways!
And no problem :la:
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